A solo girl traveller from New Zealand, blogging my adventures and shenanigans as I roam around the world. 

C U R R E N T L YIndia

I travel and get lost for fun, instead of being an ‘adult’ and saving for retirement. I love taking snaps along the way, lord knows what I’m doing, and 9 times out of 10 I’ll be solo (much to my mum’s dismay).

Why the travel blog you may ask?

My late nana was a beautiful, well travelled, intrepid women. Unknown to me she kept an entire double wardrobe filled with enlightening travel journals and photo albums, filled to the brim of her travels around every continent on earth. Finding these have hugely inspired me to start documenting my travels through my own little creative corner of the internet. How cool will it be to have something to read and reminisce on in years to come!?

I’ve done the classic living on the other side of the world shindig in London for three years, spent two years next door in Aussie, and have travelled a good chunk of Europe, UK, Asia, North Africa, and of course – a fair bit of the beautiful country I call home. I’ve slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert, hiked the Himalayas, hot air ballooned over ancient Egypt, camped on the islands of Halong Bay, gawked at some Wonders of the World, sailed down the Nile river, and sky dived over New Zealand’s Southern Alps – a few of my faves.

I don’t know everything and I haven’t been everywhere, but I do for one know that when it comes to travel there are a million and one questions that need answered. Where do I stay? Do I need a visa? How long should I stay? Is it safe? The list is endless. SO, through my own experiences I’m here to share with you a shit tonne of real and raw travel tips, in depth backpacking guides, and eye opening photography of the most insanely beautiful people, exotic cultures, and magical countries of the world. Ultimately to inspire and help you see the world too.

Or simply, roam.